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A few months ago we saw PUBG Corp. disqualified Opti Gaming for exploiting a loophole present in the game from Invitational at IEM Katowice and earlier today, VALVE disqualified a team from the International for using a programmable mouse from the upcoming International.

A player from the South American Team Thunder Predator, known as AtuuN picked Meepo which is termed as one of the vicious Carry present in the game due to its playstyle where it uses its clones to teleport to any location and by combining their attacks it can slay any opponents with ease. However, it is a difficult task to control all the Meepo units and strikes together using “poof” and it takes precession and timing to make this perfect.

During a tournament, players generally remain under pressure it is much more difficult to perform this skill-based action and during such a qualifier tournament, AtuuN was spotted performing this action too easily which you can see in this clip provided below and this draws the attention of Dota 2 SubReddit where they charged AtuuN for using a software-based Macro- which makes action using of complex button to be achieved in few clicks and most of Dota 2 players know how a macro can give a fair amount of advantage to player who is using Meepo or Invoker.

The in-game combat logs also show that AtuuN teleported all Meepo Clones exactly at the same time which is too perfect to be believed as it takes several seconds to perform this action. But the use of Macros are totally being denied by Thunder and according to a recent post on Facebook page, Thunder informs that AtuuN was using a Razer Synapse 3 which is used by many gaming professionals and they also state that no hacks have been used from their side to get a fair advantage in the game.

But on a recent Twitter post made from Faceit, they accused Thunder of using Macros and thereby disqualify them from the tournament. The Twitter post provided below,



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