Dutch Gamers will no longer be able to trade with game items in CSGO

In a post on an electronics and technology-based website in the Netherlands and Belgium, we came to know that players residing in that geographical area will be no longer able to trade in-game items or buying the same from Steam Market Place of two world-renowned game i.e. DOTA 2 and CSGO due to  some implication with the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act.

Earlier in the month of May Steam received two letters from Dutch Kansspelautoriteit regarding the violation of the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act by two of its games which are mentioned earlier. Back in the month of April, a study of loot boxes was conducted by the Netherlands Gaming Authority which informs four out of ten games are violating the country’s law against gaming.

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But no specific games were mentioned at that time but the authority although warned about taking necessary steps against any games that failed to meet legal requirements by June 20 which was yesterday and today according to the website it seems that the loot boxes of DOTA 2 and CS Go seems to violate the rules. VALVE also hired a Dutch legal advisor to understand more about the law but they have also received a threat from the Kansspelautoriteit to prosecute Valve failing to provide a solution with the due time period.

The only remain option available to VALVE was to remove trade and purchase option from the game itself till they are able to get any permanent solution over this matter. This was informed with the help of a message from Steam App which is provided below:



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