EK launches monoblock for Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard

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EK recently launched a monoblock for Asus Strix X470-F motherboard and within a couple of days, it launched another one but this time for a motherboard from Gigabyte. Now you can use a water monoblock from EK for the Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 5 Wifi motherboard for overclocking.

EK is a Slovenia based computer manufacturer which is famous for its water blocks for GPUs and CPUs. The computer manufacturer has established itself effectively in a just a couple of years by providing a wide range of water cooling products including water blocks, tubings, fittings, reservoirs, pumps etc.  Their products are top notch when overclocking is your preference.

EK-FB GA X470 Gaming 5 RGB Monoblock 1
Image source:- Ekwb.com

RGB Effect

The EK-FB GA X470 Gaming 5 RGB Monoblock is a combination of both performance and aesthetics. Not only it will help in lowering the temperature but will also provide RGB Lighting effects because “PC master race isn’t complete without RGB today.” The new monoblock has an integrated 4-pin RGB LED strip which is compatible with the Gigabyte RGB Fusion. You can customize the lighting effects from the Gigabyte App Center through which the lighting effects of Gigabyte motherboards and graphics cards are customized.

EK-FB GA X470 Gaming 5 RGB Monoblock
Image source:- Ekwb.com

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The EK-FB GA X470 Gaming 5 RGB Monoblock covers all the critical parts of a motherboard such as VRM section along with the CPU so that you get stable overclocking for a long time. Cooling down VRM section is very important for maintaining lower temperatures especially if you are an enthusiast. This monoblock is provided with a high-flow design that helps it to work perfectly even with a weaker pump.

EK-FB GA X470 Gaming 5 RGB Monoblock 2
Image source:- Ekwb.com

The monoblock comes with a special Cold Plate for better mechanical contact with the AMD chips along with an electrolytic nickel-plated Copper base which will ensure better heat conductivity. The top of the monoblock uses quality acrylic glass material that will exhibit the RGB lighting effects.


EK-FB GA X470 Gaming 5 RGB Monoblock will start shipping from 14th May and will cost 139.90€ or $154.99 with VAT included. The monoblock is right now available for pre-order on the official EK store.


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