EPIC announces freebies for Fortnite players

Recently Fortnite a few days ago received a new update due to which there were log-in issues on all platforms including Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It made the downtime of the servers more than expected leading to frustration among many gamers as this game is increasing its player base day by day. But now they are compensating for it in the form of freebies.

During update 2.3 Fortnite servers they were resolving a lingering database issue but that didn’t work and they had to restore the backup which also didn’t work. So, it made the downtime extended to 14 hours.

Soon, they announced freebies for the Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the world modes players to make up for this downtime. So, what these freebies are?

For Battle Royale players, there is a goodie of 20 Battle Stars for Battle Pass progression. This Battle pass can be purchased for unlocking rewards like cosmetic items. So, players can have these goodies without any cost.

For Save the world players, there is a freebie of 1600 Seasonal Gold which players can use in the Event Store on Heroes and Schematics.

However, FortineTeam didn’t mention the date or time for this freebie and they instead said, “You can expect to receive this compensation sometime after Patch V.2.4.0 releases.” on their official forum page.

It’s good to see EPIC caring for their player base and they are also working on quality because soon Paragon will be taken down on 26th April due to the reason of decreasing player base. If they continue this attitude, more people can trust them and their player base will increase even more as compared to the EA which received a historic backlash for their greediness in Battlefront II.



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