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Steel Division II

Eugene Systems has recently announced that it will be soon publishing “STEEL DIVISION II” a brand new instalment in the series and it is going to be a sequel to real-time strategy game Steel Division: Normandy 44 which was released back in 2017.

The new instalment will take players to WWII’s Eastern Front which is set during the Operation Bagration where the massive Soviet offensive penetrated the German line and was successful in reaching Warsaw. The game will offer “Dynamic Strategic Campaigns” and it offers players sufficient time to form their strategy and implement their attacks and at the same time players will need to carefully manage their units and supply lines and the commanders will be able to control entire army corps along with subordinate battalions which include thousands of men.

Steel Division II also offers co-op mode along with 10v10 multiplayer battles. However, no scheduled release date has been announced yet but a game trailer was released and here it is:

Seeing the trailer it can be said that the visuals look nice and currently you can also sign up now to get exclusive items which include Marcel Albert  & his deadly Yakovlev Yak-9T fighter aircraft on the release day of the game. To get more information about the game or on getting the exclusive reward to make sure to check their website.


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