Eurocom Laptops will be coming equipped with Intel Core i9-9900K CPU’s

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Eurocom, one of the leading brand for manufacturing laptops has announced that they will be upgrading their Sky X4C, X7C and X9C laptops to support Intel’s upcoming Core i9-9900K processor, 128GB of memory and in they might update the GPU with the latest release from Nvidia.

Eurocom is well-known for their highly customizable laptops and each of the products is heavily engineered. Hardcore users or Gamers or PC Enthusiast often avoid getting their hands on a high configured laptops as after a few years of use they tend to become outdated. But Eurocom’s laptops can be upgraded like that of a desktop.

The company’s updated Sky X4C, X7C and X9C laptops feature an LGA1151-based socket which is equivalent to that of a desktop motherboard and they are ready to be equipped with Intel’s Core i9-9900K and Core i7-9700K processors based on the Coffee Lake microarchitecture, manufactured on Intel’s 14nm++ process.

These laptops are also equipped with a second-generation Mobile PCI Express Module that allows a user to easily change their graphics card and use any one of their choices. Eurocom’s Sky X4C is 15.6″ standard laptop and comes with a single graphics card, the Sky X7C is a 17.3″ laptop and is aimed for those users who need some more space and last but not least the X9C is  also a 17.3″ laptop but it is aimed at hardcore users and can house 2 GPU in an SLI configuration. All of these laptops will be available by October 2018 and to know more about these laptops check out their official website.



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