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We have experienced many new games this year and there’s a lot to come along, some of those might have attracted us due to its magnificent story, some due to its action that the game offers while some of those titles were not up to its mark. However Project Nova, the EVE Online spin-off FPS which might be a successor to PlayStation 3 exclusive Dust 514 and was announced back in 2016 until it lost in the process of development. And with more disaster that claimed in layoffs of 100 people in the last year and was forced to close the VR development, which makes the development of Project Nova uncertain.

Removing all the darkness about the release of the game, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson confirmed that Project Nova is not only still in active development but right now it is at its final stage before it gets unveiled and “playable” in some form on PC later this year 2018, the announcement was made on  the opening ceremony of Fanfest 2018 in Iceland.

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The most interesting thing about this game is that instead of attempting to integrate Project Nova into the EVE Online universe from launch, the devs are configuring the spin-off as a standalone project at first and its sole purpose is to focus on core elements to make the game feel good as a shooter before figuring out exactly how to link the two games together. The initial appeal of Project Nova and by extension its predecessor Dust 514 was that they will be overlapping with each other in terms of events.

After its announcement way back in 2016 Project Nova was always discreet in its works. But according to the announcement from CCP, they will be releasing the same as per their choice or to be more precise whey they think its ready for the gaming community. However, no specific date has yet been confirmed from the publisher’s end but one thing a gamer can except is that it will be coming really soon may be in late 2018 so its a matter of few months. Moreover, there is a huge chance of the game coming for early access.



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