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Far Cry 5 is the latest addition to the Fry Cry series which was released back in March this year. After its release, the game quickly gains popularity for its awesome gameplay scenario and proper optimization. Now in the upcoming month, Ubisoft announced that we will be seeing its first out of three planned DLC expansions  “Hours of Darkness” which is set to be out on 5th of June. Here is the teaser of the DLC:

The game is set in with a modern-day scenario in Montana which is a western state of the United States, Far Cry 5 is set in Hope County, Montana. Montana, being a real western mountainous state of the United States, Hope County is a fictional resemblance to Montana where users can anticipate huge open plains, mountains, snow-covered peaks and other beauty of nature. But the upcoming DLC expansion will take you to the sweltering jungles of the Vietnam War, where local boy Wendell “Red” Redler will embark upon a mission to rescued his captured comrades.

Apart from the new mission, the expansion will also add new weapons which include the M16 rifle, a sniper rifle SVD, and a machine gun M60 and most interestingly all these weapons can be used in the main campaign also. Also, you can all air strike to deliver a devastating blow which might come handy if you are heavily overwhelmed by enemy forces. The DLC also adds a new survival instinct which grants to a max of four temporary perks.

After successful completion of the DLC campaign, two new modes will be opened of which one is Survival mode and the other is Action Movie mode. To make it simple, Survival mode will deliver a more realistic experience and Action Movie mode will be more of an easy mode.

Those players who have the season pass will be able to access the DLC for free and those without the pass will be able to purchase it for a cost of $12. However, players who won’t be purchasing the DLC will still be able to access to Vietnam-themed assets in the Far Cry Arcade.



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