FarCry 5 now team up with de_Dust 2

Soon after the official release of FarCry 5 on 27th of this month, it already has become huge and mostly it is every news. FarCry series has always been popular and with the latest addition of FarCry 5 which take place in America rather than its predecessor which goes back to old times. One interesting fact is that it took nearly a day for the map-making tools to produce gold and the map-making tools have already been put to good use. Legendary Counter-Strike map de_dust2 now exists in Far Cry Arcade’s competitive multiplayer map pool which is an impressive recreation by user Izoolee. In the video below you can see YouTuber Widdz who plays a match on the custom map.

The arcade mode of the game FarCry 5 is one of the most interesting parts of the game, allowing players to create their own maps and can share them to challenge others. You can even earn in-game currency and perks by playing through maps created by the community. Of course, players are using these tools to recreate the games they love, and the results are rocketing to the top of the mode’s charts. This kind of expandable nature of the game is quite unique and it is indeed impressive work considering that Far Cry 5 just released yesterday.

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The arcade mode is likely to continue to spit out surprises, as creative gamers can learn how to really manipulate the tools for new maps and ways to surprise other players. You can’t play the usual bomb-defusing objective mode, but who cares when it comes to de_dust2 only one thing prevails….. Rush B. If you want to try the map but not now, then you can definitely save it to play as per your convenience.

The game is currently available to be purchased on Steam, with three variations of it: Standard Edition, Delux and Gold Edition.


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