Final Fantasy XV will have higher quality assets says Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV which is soon to be released on PC has more features than on Consoles. Square Enix at PCgamer Weekender revealed some information about the game while it’s about to release on the most popular platform. It stated that this version will have higher quality assets and is made specifically for PC.

The game will have modding tools that will allow minor modding at the launch such as reskinning all the characters from the start which is an amazing thing fans of Final Fantasy will love. Who doesn’t loves modding anyways? Also, there are plans that Square Enix has made which will be making more modding tools available after a while however, no date and time has been specified by them but yes as they revealed this information, you can expect much to come after.

The game already supports Cross-platform Co-op play but the game on PC is almost a remake and the features that are present in the PC version will not be present in the console version. Square Enix also stated that the game is made from the ground up and that it will not be a console port.

The team also stated that they are working to fix the issues that were causing stuttering/hair works issues that made the game eat its fps. You can check out the benchmark post to know what was this issue.




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