Fractal Design launches coloured front panels for Meshify C

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Fractal Design’s popular Meshify C mid-tower case has got a new update today which will allow you to choose from different coloured front panels to match your overall setup colour theme.

Meshify C is already one of the best Airflow PC cases for the money and after making the white colour available a few months ago, it has brought this new upgrade that is rarely found in most mid-tower chassis. Choosing a particular coloured front panel makes the theme very strong and at the same time, it won’t limit the air intake from the front.

The front panel is available to buy right now from Fractal Design’s distributors and is available in 8 different colours:

1. Green
2. Deep Blue
3. Purple
4. Copper
5. Sky Blue
6. Red
7. White
8. Yellow


Dust filters  1 x front dust filter
Product dimensions (LxWxH)  404 x 190 x 28 mm
Net weight  258g
Package dimensions (LxWxH)  475 x 248 x 54 mm
Gross weight  496g


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