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After the successful conclusion of the Battlefield V Open Beta, the developers are now pretty busy with tweaking the game according to the latest feedback before its final release in November. After the Open Beta, we came around many gameplay videos where players are not feeling quite satisfied with the game. So let us break down the game’s good side and bad side of the upcoming mega blockbuster of the ongoing year.

Good Side

Let us start with the good side first and to begin with, the first impression that will make an impact is the graphical quality and as it is with technology advancement, we will see much more in future also. Apart from that, the first thing you will enjoy about the gameplay is the gunplay and it is so far the best in the Battlefield series which offers faster bullet speed, nice recoil while aiming down the sight, higher headshot damage and better hit registration. It also comes with more realistic animations.

Moreover, there are now fewer grenades to deal with which means that players will no longer be able to spam grenades unnecessarily along with that availability of in-game vehicles have also been reduced. If a player and his team were able to get enough kill streaks then they will be awarded bonus weapons such as a V-1 rocket. DICE has also reworked the role of a Medic and now they can take part in the fight alongside reviving fallen teammates but the best part of it is that any player can revive his/her fallen teammate and it will work slowly but a Medic can revive them quickly and even while outside of the squad. In the case with your defence, they have added a new tactical item known as Fortification. The in-game customization is awesome and many gamers are going crazy with that and along with that inclusion of the fortification is indeed quite good. Unlike other Battlefield Series, the game is free from any kind of microtransaction and everything will be available to all players which is quite a remarkable move from the developers’ end.

Bad Side

Now coming to bad points it can be said that some of the above mentioned good things about the game are acting as a Dual Edge Sword. To begin with, many players are aware of the facts that TTK (Time-to-Kill) and TTD (Time-to-Death) are central factors in any first-person shooter and both of them should be in a proper balance. The tighter gun impact will make a significant impact on the gameplay and it can be assumed that a player with nice PC configuration will have an advantage in response time.

Players will now have less reaction time against incoming damage and will die faster even before spotting the enemies. Moreover, the Sniper rifle is now highly overpowered and with headshots dealing more damage it will be much easier to get kills using sniper rifles without any hassle. Players might face it hard to identify or tag enemies as the view model are almost identical and with the character customization, it might be more difficult to do so leading to missing many enemies around you who in turn might spot you and in the end kill you. Now the worst case for Battlefield V is the shortage with your ammo, while in the game one will need to constantly monitor their ammo and everytime one gets a kill he/she is in need for scavage for ammo from dead enemies or from your team’s Medic.


So if you are reading these lines, then you are pretty well aware of the scenario about the game and according to us, in the latest upcoming Battlefield title, many of the gamers will need to be more precise and careful during their gameplay. DICE is already trying to bring the perfect balance between the TTK and TTD, but they will need to be extra careful with it as changing one side risks messing up the other but they are trying their best to keep them in perfect balance.


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