GTA Trilogy is receiving backlashes due to several issues, many are asking for refunds

GTA Trilogy

GTA Trilogy

There are multiple issues being reported with the launch of GTA Trilogy: The Definite Edition since 11th Nov 2021. Rockstar published the super hyped GTA Trilogy after the requests of fans. However, the release has not been received well by the fans as the gamers are facing multiple issues from gameplays to downloads.

The major issue is that Rockstar has unpublished the Trilogy from PC. This means that PC gamers won’t be able to download the game till Rockstar publishes the game again. The reason they gave for unpublishing is related to some files that are unintentionally left in the game files.

A journalist on Twitter gave a hint to what these files may be. He says that these files are the music ones that Rockstar aren’t able to provide in the game due to copyright issues.

As the game is down for two days to be downloaded on PC, many are asking for refunds on Twitter.

This comes after the downtime of Rockstar servers that were down for a whopping 29 hours after the initial release. People weren’t able to play any Rockstar game through the Rockstar launcher due to this issue. While this issue is fixed, some issues related to the Trilogy are still haunting Rockstar. People are complaining about the bugs in the game while some are calling the Remaster poor work.

There are mixed opinions on social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Some are calling this inferior to the already available mods while some are applauding with the reason that this is just a Remaster and not a remake. The game, however, does have some problems including glitches, cutscenes and corrupting saved data.

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