Guided Missile is coming back back from Vault: Fortnite

Guided Missile Fortnite

On the month of April this year, Fortnite decided to send its guided missile to the Vault after receiving lots of feedback about the dissatisfaction of the players of and now after almost three months, they again bringing the Guided Missile back to life but this time they have updated the weapon.

In a recent Twitter post, Fortnite confirmed in a developer video that along with a bunch of changes to SMG, Remote Explosives and the Guided Missile. The new guided missile is being updated and now it will behave differently. It will be more in scouting an area than being a high damage weapon which was the previous traits of the weapon.

They have reduced the speed, turning, radius damage and damage radius. Moreover, the ammo capacity has been reduced to 12 rockets and they have also updated the control of mouse and keyboard so that they can be aligned closely with that of a controller. The updated guided missile will be helpful to bang out wounded targets or scouting a particular area to check if anyone is hiding behind any covers.

Apart from updating the guided missile, Fornite has also updated the SMG’s as per the feedback of the community and they are constantly listening to these feedbacks and will provide support as per necessity. They will be keeping a close eye to the guided missile also.

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