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How to check motherboard model

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How to know motherboard model

If you are familiar with computer hardware spares then this topic might not be an interesting one for you, but if you are a newbie in the world of computer hardware and spares then you are on the right path. However, if you are even familiar with computer hardware, then I would like to suggest you that just read this post once, who knows you might be able to learn different ways or even might learn something new.

This topic is regarding how to identify or check your motherboard model. Now if you are having the box of the motherboard then it won’t be much of an issue. However, we tend to deal away with the boxes as soon as our build is complete. And in that case, one might need to find the Motherboard model number for numerous reasons starting from downloading an updated driver or to check if certain hardware is compatible with your present motherboard or even to buy a new one.¬†The scenarios might be different for every individual and thus we, in this particular post will try to cover as much as possible.

There are many possible ways in which you will be able to check your motherboard’s model. The foremost way to do so is to check the same physically which is written in the motherboard itself or if you are having the box that came along with it.

Now if you are not having either of them, then it can be quite frustrating for one who is not aware of how to get the model details. So to get out of these kinds of situation one needs to know the ways. Firstly, one can get the motherboard model number by going into the BIOS where the details can be found. Inside BIOS, one will be able to get all the details that are required.

However, on certain occasions, the BIOS won’t be having the details, and in that case, it can be a serious issue. Now there might be two situations, in this case, your system is on and you need to have administrative privilege. Then you can install CPU-Z software which after one install in his system and executes the same then it will provide you with the details of your motherboard. It is also quite useful to know some important hardware details if you are going to upgrade your existing systems such as frequency of RAM, details of your Processor and Processor Socket and many others.

On the second occasion, if you are not able to get your system on and neither you can get access to the system BIOS, then the only possible solution left for you to know the CPU socket you are currently using so that you can get a replacement of your mainboard is to check the processor it is using which also contains processor details and then one can be certain of the socket that a motherboard should have to run that processor.


There is another way to be worry-free, nowadays most of the OEM allows a user to register their product and in this way, one can find the details of their existing motherboard or other hardware if required.

In this topic, we tried to cover the easiest way to find out the model number of your motherboard so that you don’t need to panic in case you are not aware of these ways and for those who are familiar with hardware of a computer, we hope that this topic will be able to help you with new ideas.

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