Intel Coffee Lake-H processors specs leaked

From some credible sources and forums, the specs of new Intel Mobile CPU’s have been leaked. Intel will release new Mobile CPU’s including Intel Core i9, i7, i5 and Xeon processors featuring some awesome specs considering the fact that they are to be used in Laptops.

The highest and the fastest Core i9 which is expected to be released is the i9 8950HK which will feature 6 cores and 12 threads having the base clock as 2.9Ghz and boost clock of up to 4.3Ghz which is insane. But all this at only from 45W-65W TDP. Only one of the 6 cores can reach up to 4.8Ghz.

While this CPU will have 12Mb of cache, the i7 processors which will also feature 6 cores and 12 threads will have lower cache memory. The Core i7 8850H will have 9Mb of cache and for the clocks, it will have 2.6Ghz as the base clock and 4.0Ghz as boost clock with one core up to 4.3Ghz. The second i7 will be i7 8750H which will have the base clock as 2.2Ghz and boost clock up to 3.9Ghz with one core reaching up to 4.1Ghz.

Similarly, there will be two Quad Core i5’s having some similar clock speeds. The best one will be the i5 8400H having the base clock as 2.5Ghz and boost clock of 4.1Ghz while the i5 8300Hz will have 2.3Ghz as the base clock as 3.9Ghz as the boost clock. Both of these processors will have 8Mb of cache memory which is still spectacular.

These processors will too have 45W of TDP. So, definitely, they are going to be power efficient with a ton of features.

As for workstation Laptops, Intel is expected to release two Xeon processors: Xeon E-2186M and Xeon E-2176M. The Xeon E-2186M is exactly similar to the i9 8950HK in specs while the Xeon E-2176M is having 2.7Ghz as the base clock and 4.1Ghz as the boost clock. It will also have a lower L3 cache memory of 9Mb compared to the 12Mb of Xeon E-2186M and won’t have the range of 45W-65W of TDP. It will be have fixed TDP of 45W.

Source:- wccftech.com


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