Intel Core i+ processor bundles are now available on stores

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Last year Intel released Optane storage devices to make the primary storage faster in case you are using a hard drive. It would match the speed of an SSD and so you wouldn’t need any SSD for the same but it didn’t perform well because the cost of this storage device was near to the price of an SSD. So, why would someone buy it?

Intel has changed the strategy and started to bundle them with the Core i processors of 8th generation with a small increase in price. It previously tried selling the Optane┬ácaching SSDs with motherboards but it wasn’t successful either. One of the major drawbacks of it was that it can only speed up the primary hard drive in which the operating system is installed. The secondary storage devices won’t get any benefit. But Intel has changed it and now you can speed up other hard drives as well making it a solid upgrade for those who can’t buy multiple SSDs but want faster speeds.

Intel Core I Plus i7+ 8700 Coffee Lake

The Intel Core processors are now sold with the “i+” name to indicate that you will be getting the processor with an Intel Optane Caching SSD. There are three processors with which these caching SSDs are available. Intel Core i5 8400, Core i5 8500 and Core i7 8700. The original pricing of Core i5 8400 is $179 and the bundle is priced at $215, while the i5 8500 costs $205 but its bundle costs $240. Similarly, the i7 8700 costs $302 but the bundle costs $340. You will get a significant improvement if you use Intel Optane SSD if you use multiple hard drives in which you have stored several games and applications.

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Intel says that the operation speed of a hard drive increases by 1.7 to 3.9 times which will be very beneficial to the PC gamers and those who are into applications that need fast speeds from storage devices. These bundles are right now available on Newegg.


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