Intel Core i7-8086K 40th Anniversary Edition Processor Leaks

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Recently, a user of a Chinese forum leaked and benchmarked what is assumed to be a processor named after the iconic Intel 8086 microprocessor which should mark the 40th anniversary of the revolutionary CPU by Intel. It is called the Core i7-8086K and this is not the very first time Intel is doing something like this. In the past, there was also the 20th anniversary of Pentium processors which was the Pentium G3258.

Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company which is known for being the world’s second largest and highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturers based on revenue only being surpassed by Samsung. It was founded by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. They are known for being semiconductor pioneers and Moore’s Law. Intel manufactures many products such as motherboard chipsets, graphics chips, embedded processors, network interface controllers and integrated circuits.

Image Source: Wccftech.com

As of today, it will have the fastest clock speeds for an Intel 6 generation core processor. The Core i7-8086K features 12 threads over 6 cores and 12 Mb of L3 cache. It has very similar core configuration to the Core i7-8700k. With the base clock of 4 GHz which can go all the way up to 5.1 GHz. The all core boost is estimated to be at 4.4 GHz and while should reach 5.1 GHz with single core boost clock.

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The thermal design power (TDP) is kept at 95 W. With such high clock speeds, the chip performs at around 70C under a Cooler Master T400i air cooler. You would need to supply it with proper cooling to keep the temperatures reasonable but when the cooling is properly set up, overclocking the chip should be a breeze and it is stated that even the sample can do 5.1 GHz effortlessly.

If this processor leak is legit, the launching of it during June should definitely boost Intel’s public relations. It would also conveniently allow them to introduce their Z390 platform which is expected to provide eight new core processors into the market.

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