Intel Ice-Lake U processor will have 10nm architecture and better graphics

Once again, from SiSoftware, another processor has been spotted and this time it’s the Intel “Ice-Lake U” processor that is going to be based on a 10nm architecture with improved graphics. Recently we saw new processors with different architectures on SiSoftware that performed comparably good when compared to the previous generation, however, we don’t have enough data for this new architectured processor but the specs have been leaked.

Intel Ice Lake U processor spotted

This processor is going to be a part of Mobile devices just like the Intel Core i5 8269U but is among the first generation featuring the 10nm architecture. This chip scored 77.19Mpix/s in the benchmark of GP processing and features an Intel UHD graphics processing unit. This GPU is clocked at 600Mhz as compared to the standard 300Mhz which is theoretically double in performance.

The name from what we can get from the site is Gen11 LP and has 48 execution units that result in 384SPs, has 768KB of L2 cache and 6GB of shared system memory. Overall, this should be better than what we always use to see with the Integrated graphics in Intel processors although, AMD is still ahead of them and its new Ryzen 2400G processor has already proved itself to be a good replacement of entry-level cards like GT 1030.

Let’s see how the competition will go this year between the two big beasts especially when the graphics cards prices are reaching the sky. The new processors from both AMD and Intel with improved graphics processing unit may bring some life to Laptop gaming.



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