Intel provides incorrect information on the 28 Core CPU

8176 Xeon Skylake X processorI have been following closely what is being displayed at the Computex 2018 and recently I read about the new 28 core CPU from Intel that is been supposedly working on 5Ghz. At first, I was astonished to see that Intel managed to bring a CPU with 28 cores and all of them were clocked at 5Ghz. I read on several sites about this new processor but I didn’t post about it because somethings needed to be clarified.

At the right moment, GamersNexus exposed Intel by clarifying that this processor is actually a bu*#* and nothing else. It is not clocked at 5Ghz at stock, rather it’s base frequency is 2.7Ghz and has a boost clock near to 4Ghz. So, the information of stock frequency of 5Ghz is misleading and can be said that it is actually false. Intel didn’t provide how this processor got at this much frequency at the Computex and therefore we started to believe that Intel actually brought up this beast of a processor.

Intel was probably using an 8176 Xeon Skylake X processor and used a chiller to cool down it. It was hidden behind the system and therefore no one was able to know how was that possible. Intel thought it was a good move but truth has become apparent. You can check the full detail in Steve’s video:-



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