Intel teased it discreet GPU ahead of Nvidia’s upcoming GPU series

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Intel GPU
Image source:- Techspot.com

While surfing on Twitter earlier today, we spotted an amazing detail about a new Twitter account created on last month by Intel. The new account is made dedicatedly for its Graphics unit and is named as Intel Graphics. However, the most surprising thing is that in its recent Twitter Post Intel is teasing its discreet GPU unit ahead of the launch schedule of  Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 2080 series GPU’s.

The teaser starts with the influence of Intel in the lives of PC users and then the video moves ahead with the achievements of Intel which include Intel being the very first to bring fully complaint DX12 Graphics Processor and also very first to play Netflix Movies in 4K resolution. And after dealing with past they dramatically tease their upcoming discreet GPU.

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However, no further details about the card have been revealed in the video, nor they provide any details about when the card will be launched. Moreover, whether the upcoming GPU will be dedicated to gaming to mainstream users is also not confirmed.

The question that clearly arises from the current situation is whether Intel’s upcoming discreet GPU will be able to compete with the present day graphics card manufacturers like AMD and Nvidia as their present graphics don’t even match the performance with the other two leading graphics manufactures. But it is certain that with the experience that Intel has gained in the field of CPU’s for past 40years they can definitely punch a solid power packed performance card in coming days.



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