Intel’s 8th Gen Core-B Processors have BGA Solutions

Intel BGA solutions

Intel announced their 8th Gen Core processors which are a line of BGA (Ball-Grid Array) microprocessors with the Core-B branding. This new CPUs is set to deliver high-end performance. By providing easily installed, scalable, premium processor options for all kind of limited Z-height computing packages.

These are just like the ones which are found in AIOs, without affecting its performance in order to keep TDPs in check at every stage. These processors ship with a 65W TDP –  which is comparatively higher than the Intel’s top-performing mobile H solutions.

This step by Intel may come in handy for those users that ponder in relation to upgradability of a given AIO they’re really looking forward. It is needless to say that if it comes with a Core-B processor, then it won’t be user-serviceable and will be much less upgradable.


This Intel’s line-up will start with the Core i7-8700B, i5-8500B, and i5-8400 processors. In which all will be shipping with the same 65 W TDP, and which is equivalent to their desktop counterparts. This gives the entire image that their core counts, base frequencies, turbo frequencies, Optane support, memory support and even the integrated graphics are all the same.

The only key difference is that these CPUs are likely to be placed into TDP-limited scenarios which will be enabled through firmware. As Intel has already stated that this is not a ‘new B-series’ of processors. Thus, they do not fall either into the standard Core-S desktop definition nor do they really qualify to be sitting with notebook processors, placed above the Core-H line in a high-power segment which Intel describes as an All-in-One type of systems

What ultimately made sense is the system design which has a big GPU inside and is limited by the unique ability to remove heat from the system.

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