Intel’s Ruler SSD Stores 32 Tetrabytes

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Intel's Ruler SSD
(Credit: Walden Kirsch/Intel Corporation)

Very soon, hard disk drives will close its chapter as floppy disk drives did. They will definitely disappear from data storage centres as better solid state drives are being unleashed. Intel just introduced its first ruler solid state drive of 12-inch long and it stores 32 terabytes. Such an invention is bound to take over control starting from big companies that need TB SSDs to aid their cloud and data centres works. Companies like IBM, Tencent and Microsoft are claimed to have been planning on how to use the intel ruler SSDs to aid their storage system by Intel.

The old spinning hard disk drive that calls for fans often, requests for a costly cooling system, and with low working span is retired by the amazing features of the new Intel first ruler SSD. The ruler SSD is designed to store data up to 32TB into five per cent of the space that regular hard disk clamours for, and it consumes one-tenth of the power. It is engineered so well that its space requires just half of the airflow needed to regulate the heat of old solid state drives.

Intel claims that the ruler SSDs could be lined up side by side to store up to a petabyte in a single server slot. As for now, Samsung is the only possible competitor of Intel. Samsung just released a 4 terabyte SSD that makes use of 1 terabit chip. Samsung assures its customers that it would soon invent TB SSDs for them. What do you have to comment on Intel, SSD, and HDD? Just drop your thought at the comment box.


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