Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.4.2 Patch Released on PC

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Developer Warhorse Studios announced the patch Release version 1.4.2 has been deployed on PC and steam for Kingdom Come Deliverance. The Release notes are available online and have been deployed for PC only, though Console update is yet to go live. The development team has addressed the bugs, issues to the players being encountered during the course of play and provided the fix for bug hit areas.

As confirmed in the post on Reddit, the latest update is only available for PC only, for a new console, the patch is already been under progress, however, this will be the base Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.4 update. It was also mentioned that all future releases on PC will ultimately arrive on PS4 and Xbox One.

Key steps have been taken up to tackle the confronted issues with the latest update, also upcoming patch will focus on the problems connected with glitchy combat.

Developers in a statement said: “The 1.4 patch for consoles is still on its way!”

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“We wanted the patch to come to console players last week, so we are hoping for the release of the patch to come this week.”

Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.4.2 patch release notes are listed below:

Fixed issues:

  • A major bug that crashed the game at various places has been fixed.
  • Quests notably affected by this bug include Sport of kings, Pestilence, Questions, and Answers.
  • Fixed issue with missing Erik in the quest called The Die is Cast.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

Known issues:

  • You can lock on a non-existing opponent.
  • Attacking stops working.
  • Random character spins while blocking.

Warhorse studios have always been active in informing players on the updates regarding the issues and new features being developed in the games. For more updates, keep following Warhorse Studios Twitter account as we hope that players will be eagerly waiting for the patch to be released this week for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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