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Whenever somebody builds a powerful rig, he is asked: “Can it play Crysis?”. It’s more of a joke now than reality although, Crysis 3 remains one of the power hungry games that brings high-end rigs to its knees but right now one game has redefined this question. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the new Crysis which is something out of reach for even a GTX 1080 Ti on max settings. I don’t mean that it can’t run the game but maintaining the fps well above 60 is something which GTX 1080 Ti isn’t able to do.

A video from DigitalFoundry youtube channel showed an experiment in which it’s shown that the game is made for future-high end rigs if ultra-high preset is considered. According to the test, the consoles aren’t able to run the game on something like high settings but they are running it like on a PC version of medium settings tweaked to make it smoother. There are visuals where one can clearly see bad graphics on the console versions like below:-

Kingdom Come Deliverance
Credit- DigitalFoundry

If you look at the comparison between the so-called “powerful” console PS4 Pro and PC version of the game, the game looks terrible in graphics on the console with weird shadows on the face and unrealistic blend of lights. Textures on the character’s shirt aren’t that clear as on the PC version.

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The game is surely very beautiful and realistic in graphics but when compared to the PC version, the PS4 Pro fails to keep up and loads the textures very late when the character roams around freely.

In the video, two graphics cards GTX 1060 and RX 580 were tested and compared. Of course, the game was run on high preset to see if they can keep up above 60 fps all the time. In daylight, the game keeps above 60 fps for most of the time but at night the game goes in the 30s. The case is similar for both the cards while the RX 580 performs a little better.

With GTX 1080 Ti combined with i5 8600K, on ultra-high preset the game still faces problems to maintain constant 60 fps even in the daylight going in the 40s and 50s frequently. This shows that the game is very demanding and one should forget about ultra setting even with a good 1080p card like GTX 1060 or RX 580.


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