League of Legends: New Tournament “Clash” begins May 25th

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League of Legends
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Yesterday Riot Games announced that a three-day online tournament mode for League of Legends named as “CLASH” is going to start from May 25. During this tournament mode players will be able to gather four friends and then compete across single-elimination games every other week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and after completing the game they will be able to get rewards such as logos and banners for wins and trophies for becoming tournament champions. A detail explanation about the needs and deeds of the tournament is provided in this video mentioned below.

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During the tournament from day one of each tournament will consist of a four-team bracket. And after your initial play if you advance further and your team comes out on top then you will progress to next level which will be having an eight-team bracket on day two, and then a sixteen-team bracket on day three. Further before heading to the game you will be able to see your opponents stats and top picks, and there will be no locked champions.

Every player needs to spend a Clash Ticket to be able to participate in the tournament, and these tickets can be earned by completing missions or buy it using Blue Essence or Riot Points. However, to participate in the tournament you must have a rank in Summoner’s Rift and should have Honor level 2. You can also change your team name and choose a custom banner for each tournament. You will be matched with other opponents based on the ranks of the players in your team and it will be depending more on the rank of your team’s top player.

The banners and trophies are supposedly the rewards in League of Legends which will drop in your lane to mark your area and the trophies will be displayed at your Nexus for two weeks after your victory in the tournament. You will be able to create your team from 21st May onwards. More more details please visit their Website.

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