Leaked information from Ubisoft gives intel on its next operation release schedules

Looks like Ubisoft need to work on around with its security as we have seen many instances where information about Ubisoft’s gaming development getting leaked. Earlier in the month of April, a leaked information gave away some clues regarding the development of Watch Dogs 3, here is the detailed post on that and now Ubisoft somehow has accidentally leaked the date of the next operation and vanity item changes of Rainbox Six Siege which is somewhere to be in between 5th or 6th of June 2018.

Moreover, with this leaked info they will also remove some vanity items from previous operations and will likely introduce the Italian operators with the new season. We first heard about this leaked information from a Reddit user Civiera_GrZmoT and he has been so far pretty much correct in providing us leaked information about Outbreak and all description info came out to be true. The details post says:

Leaked information from Ubisoft

By the above picture posted by Civiera which somehow got leaked by Ubisoft, headgear and uniform items from Skull Rain, Red Crow, Velvet Shell, Blood Orchid, White Noise and Chimera operations is going to become a limited edition on 6 June 2018 making them  no longer be available but you can get it via purchase as there was sufficient time for purchasing it. The next operation along with it will bring a lot more customization and the release date can be 5th June 2018 because it has been a trend with Ubisoft to release every operation Tuesday. However, no details have been shared by Ubisoft yet about the new operation or the new characters namely Alibi and Maestro.

The leaked information about such incidents have become quite common with Ubisoft and if the information is correct like in the previous times then we will be seeing some actions pretty sooner than we can imagine.



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