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Blizard’s mega-blockbuster “Overwatch” is currently one of the top games that are being played by gamers from all over the world and with a recent leakage of a video which teases information about upcoming Overwatch’s Anniversary Event way before any official confirmation and along with it, the leak also provide information on its release schedule which begins from May 22nd, 2018.

However, developers quickly removed the video but not before it has been captured by its fans. A post on Reddit shows the videos and soon after it is uploaded, numerous eager fans started to speculate various things. Overwatch developer team are pushing them so that they are able to support their fans by providing numerous updates. They recently released a patch where they nerf some heroes which includes Hanzo, Junkrat, Lucio, Tracer, Genji, and Brigitte.

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Overwatch’s second birthday party is going to start on May 22 which intend to bring back skins and brawls from previous events and the information has originally leaked via the Brazilian Overwatch Twitter account. In past few months, we have gone through such incidents where these kinds of leaks have been out way before they are announced officially. The video as provided above shows Junkrat getting a brand new skin and Roadhog dancing in a variety of skins which we have already seen in past events. The new Junkrat pirate skin includes sabers, an eye patch, and a prosthetic leg made up of a skull with glaring green eyes on top of a metal hook making it looking like a fierce pirate. However, there is no confirmation yet available on whether we will see some new skins other than Junkrat except for that most of the items and brawls will be coming from past events.

One more thing most of us would agree with is that many gamers weren’t happy with the cost of items of the previous anniversary event which was pretty much higher. In last year’s anniversary event, new maps and 11 legendary skins were added. There were no changes made to these prices but Blizzard is clearly listening to its community fans and we might see some changes ahead.



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