Lumonen beats Distortion in Getting over it(1:53)

The game which led many YouTubers and gamers to frustration is now being tortured by some gamers. Not one time, not two times, not 10 times but hundreds of times. Lumonen, a Youtube channel has completed the game over 650 times and is expert in completing the game as fast as possible with making records such as 2:16, 2:04 and after Distortion2 who is another Youtuber broke his record by completing the game in 1:56, many people thought that he will stay there but I still thought that Lumonen won’t be losing easily.

He made another video today 4th Feb and broke his own as well as Distortion2’s record by completing the game in 1:53. He plays like it’s nothing for him and makes the game look easily although the controls are very difficult to control and once you make a mistake, you have to pay for it.

Watch the gameplay here:-

What is this game all about?

This game wants you to get angry, annoyed and frustrated as you can. The creator Bennet Foddy made this game as difficult as he could and inside the game, he constantly says different things to frustrate you whenever you drop from a height and it increases the frustration. Youtubers like Pewdiepie and Markiplier suffered much in this game. Markiplier in one video broke his chair literally and tried to break his mouse. But after several days, he completed the game finally.

The game is about a man who is stuck inside a big pot and needs to go above with the help of a hammer. There are things like rocks, bookshelves, houses, towers etc. on which you have to land your hammer in order to go up. The game is pretty difficult and needs a lot of time to complete.

Have you tried this game?


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