MadCatz is coming back from Ashes with new line of Gaming gears

Mad catz peripherals

MadCatz was one of the topmost contenders in terms of gaming components a few years ago and as everyone has their ups and downs, they also faced the same situation. But we were able to see them back in action in the early 2018 and recently the company has announced a various range of products and that list includes its most famous R.A.T gaming mice which will be available in different variants.

According to MadCatz, they tried to respond to gamers for their passion and energetic approach and decided to bring back the most loveable product which is their R.A.T line-up. They have released huge variants of the popular gaming mice.

The first in this list is the R.A.T. 1which can be termed as the entry level gaming mouse in the R.A.T. line-up. It is indeed pretty light and is perfect for swift manoeuvres. It is also equipped with the well-known adjustable palm rest and offers four programmable buttons and can be controlled via F.L.U.X. software.

The second in the line up is the R.A.T. 2+ quite similar to R.A.T. 1+ but comes with some additional touch-ups that include an adjustable RGB ambient illumination along with the widely popular Pixart PMW 3325 optical sensor and 20G of acceleration.

The third being the R.A.T. 4is aimed to deliver perfect precision and is equipped with OMRON switches which have 20 million clicks lifecycle and also has the Pixart PMW 3330 optical sensor along with multi-zone backlighting.

Next in the list is the R.A.T. 6which offers customization and comes with nine programmable buttons along with adjustable palm rest and also comes with a removable weight system which is a necessary requirement for many gamers and mainstream users. It is also equipped with Chameleon RGB Intelligent lighting that illuminates the mouse across three separate lighting zones offering you 16million lighting colour combination and also has the OMRON switches but with the higher life cycle.

R.A.T. 8is designed for professional gamers and has the best optical sensor among its line-up: Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor. It also features an adjustable palm rest and thumb rest and a removable pinkie grip, however, if you are not satisfied with your components then you can replace them for the perfect one as it comes with a dedicated replacement policy. It also has 18G of removal weights making it perfect choice of professional gamers. Other notable features include three-stage Chameleon RGB lighting, onboard memory along with three profiles and a macro button.

The R.A.T. Pro S3  is a lightweight and ergonomic and is ideal for gamers or professional who don’t want to compromise in terms of performance yet wants a handy and lightweight mouse. It comes with a Pixart PMW 3330 along with OMRON switches, adjustable palm rest and Chameleon RGB lighting.

The beast among the line-up is the R.A.T. Pro X3 which comes with a premium magnesium alloy body and also have a hydrophobic coating in order to keep your hands dry during extensive uses. The most remarkable feature of this particular mouse is that the sensor can be replaced with a simple click and sensor modules are sold separately which means you won’t be needing a new mouse when an upgraded sensor is released. It comes with a bunch of other feature and customizable options and can last for a lifetime. To get more information about this mouse makes sure to check out the given link.

The last in this line-up is the R.A.T. AIR and it is a hybrid mouse and comes with a detachable illuminated mousepad and is the only mouse which offers wireless connectivity but without requiring a battery due to the latest capacitor technology and can also be accommodated with a wired connection as per requirement. Along with other features and customizable option this mouse is a heaven for gamers and PC enthusiast.

All the above-mentioned models will be available for shipping by the Fall of 2018 and to know more details of its product check out their website.



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