Majestic Opening in Malaysia- Thermaltake First TT Premium iCafe TT in Asia

Well, this TT Premium iCafe is one of the first Cyber café (aka Internet café ) which is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce in entire Asia. Needless to say, the components are fully equipped with Thermaltake’s Gaming Tt eSPORTS and TT Premium gaming hardware for best user experience.

Image source:- Thermaltake.com

This internet cafe has huge spacious are of about 2,400 square feet, where TT Premium iCafe has around 62 handcrafted TT Premium gaming systems that have Thermaltake’s advanced liquid cooling technology and superb gaming gear making it a one-stop solution to all the gaming lovers. The entire “TT Premium iCafe” is separated into four gaming zones which are entirely based on the colour according to the players’ skill level. As each player’s skill level are divided into these 4 levels: entry-level, mid-level, high level, and premium.

In keeping with the “premium zone” in particular, it is to cater the highly advanced players with the ultra-modern high-speed liquid cooling gaming systems which are perfect for all kinds of severe game-play. In this cafe, players are also provided with the opportunity to try out the latest TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Silver Keyboard, which is designed by a highly advanced AI Voice Control & Sync technology.

Furthermore, this time Thermaltake has teamed up with other technological giants as Intel, NVIDIA, Acer, Zotac, and Geil to deliver high-quality components such as motherboard, CPU, graphics cards, monitors & rams to the gamer for the best gaming experience as possible.

To commemorate this magnificent opening of Asia’s first TT Premium iCafe, visitors will have the chance to receive a TT Premium welcome gift. For an exceptional gaming experience, please visit the TT Premium iCafe!

Just in case you feel to visit this ultra-modern internet cafe. You can note down the address below:

TT Premium iCafe Location
No.8A, Nadayu 28 Dagang Jaya,
Jalan PJS 7 11/7, 46150
Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Image source:- Thermaltake.com
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