Mass Effect finally get 2K/4K texture MOD

Mass Effect

Mass Effect’s first installment was released way back in the year 2007 and after that, the second part was released in the year 2010 and the third part was released in the year 2012. However, the latest installment in the series was released last year which means the series had travelled a long way and have seen its days in low resolution except for the latest one.

“Now you can play your favourite games with a cheap graphics card

The ME series is by far one of the best till date and if anyone wants to play those previous installments in his modern PC that are capable of running at a resolution much higher than earlier formats, for example, 2K/4K then the visual experience might not be up to the mark.

Many gamers have tried to add custom texture mod and after finally after waiting for almost six long years since the release of ME III, a new version of he ALOT 2K/4K textures Mass Effect Mod for Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 has been released which adds more new textures to make the Mass Effect games look even better.

The latest version from the ALOT Mod (version 6.1) supports all three version of the game and adds a new texture to the Explorer armour along with other texture mods. The main goal of this mod is to offer the best looking visuals for the series so that a gamer can enjoy the moments of the series.


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