Microsoft plans to unveil its new Xbox All Access subscription service


Microsoft did not unveil its plan dubbed “Xbox All Access” at Gamescom 2018 held in Germany. This is due to two likely reasons. The first is that the plan can change because no one knows what the future really holds. The second, which might be the real reason, is that the Xbox All Access may only be for US customers.

The Microsoft’s new contract is based on monthly service subscription, thereby seeks to lower the bar to access the Microsoft’s Xbox Family. Many customers that seek to explore the Xbox console, Xbox Live and Xbox Game will be able to afford it cheaply. The company, Microsoft, plans to launch the service before August runs out.

Microsoft means the Xbox Game Pass seriously. The movement will unveil the easiest and cheapest access to the Xbox Family if the plan is executed as expected. The subscription access to the Xbox One Family stretches its cost over two years, and it incentivises developers with a boost in long-term. Microsoft also warrants a larger player base on the service. Microsoft supports the pass with a new dedicated app for mobile devices, and also detach many third party titles. This is a big leap for Microsoft and its customers.

The Verge’s Tom Warren originally teased the unreleased service and Windowcentral has confirmed it from their own sources. Perhaps the US only, customers will have to pay around $22 monthly to net all the trio for two years, but around $35 to get access to an Xbox One member. An Xbox One S costs $230 for an upfront payment on the Microsoft Store with a free game per annum. That also goes for Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass at the prices of $59.99 and $9.99 respectively. As is it currently, Amazon provides Xbox Live cards which is cheaper.

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