Microsoft’s two new Game-pads, One Translucent, and Other Wireless Coming Soon

Microsoft's new Xbox One controllers
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Microsoft Company recognized that despite PC user has the amalgamation of a keyboard with a mouse which is of very good use for FPS and RTS games, a controller is still needed. A pair of the Microsoft’s new products arrives in September. One of the pairs is the translucent Phantom Black Special Edition, and the second gamepad is the Xbox Wireless Controller and it is of grey and blue colour.

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As a translucent body product, the translucent Phantom Black special edition lets the user see its skeleton just as the house of Sony’s special edition PS4 Pro and controller. The controller is armed with Bluetooth enablement, thereby embracing wireless playing mode on Window 10 PCs and tablets. It is also provided with a 3.5mm headphone jack, textured rear grips and a champagne gold D-pad.

Both products will be made available globally before October runs out. The translucent Phantom Black Special Edition will be released and made available on the global market on Sept. 11 at $69.99. Potential customers preorder at Microsoft’s store. The Xbox Wireless Controller will cost $64.99 at time of launch in the United States and Canada on Sept. 25, before it made available worldwide on Oct. 9. It is also on Microsoft’s store for preorders.

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