MSI Announces GamersGoLive Initiative in accordance with other big brands like AMD, Cooler Master, And Seagate

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Very recently MSI announced a new initiative known as the GamersGoLive in accordance with other big brands of computer peripherals such as AMD, Cooler Master, Kingston’s gaming brand HyperX as well as Seagate and it is aimed especially for streamers and gamers who want to dive deep into gaming action showing off their skillset or someone who wants to enjoy their gaming experience with other through streaming. To make you perfect for these situations they are also making arrangements for your PC to be at its full potential.

The main goal of this collaboration among the top brands like MSI, AMD, Cooler Master, Hyper X and Seagate is to provide appropriate recommendation about the best gaming and streaming PC builds which are powered by the latest 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs along with the combination of the latest MSI B450 TOMAHAWK and B450M MORTAR gaming motherboards.

If you belong to either any of the above-mentioned group, whether you are a steamer or a gamer to be more clear, then you are well aware of the fact that, streaming or gaming both require a strong computer to ensure your gameplay or your stream smooth. And AMD’s latest Ryzen Second generation CPU’s with 6 cores and 12 unlocked threads can offer premium streaming efficiency or nice performance for gaming.

Moreover, the latest MSI B450 gaming motherboards include AMD’s StoreMI technology which can improve load times, boot times and system responsiveness and it also offers added benefits in terms of your storage. MSI also teamed up with OBS Studio and comes with MSI B450 motherboards as bundled software allowing gamers to quickly start live streaming even in the heat of battle.



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