New cases to come from Cooler Master

Cooler Master has included more cases in the Masterbox and Mastercase series and has redesigned some of the things people wanted. The new cases are very much similar to each other from the same series and have little differences in design.

Masterbox Series

Cooler Masterbox MB500 and MB600L

Masterbox series provides budget cases with decent features and now we have 2 more cases added to the list. The first one is the Masterbox MB500 and the second one is Masterbox MB600L. MB600L is already present in online stores but it’s only a few months old however there is something interesting in both of these cases to mention together. If you look closely, they look somewhat similar but their panels at the front and top have been redesigned to give them a completely new look.

The most differentiating case is the MB500 with half of the front panel covered by an opaque panel with a Cooler Master LOGO and leaving some space for ventilation for two 120mm fans which is a much-needed thing nowadays.

The interior of these cases looks similar as they have full-length PSU shroud and even the routeing holes are exactly similar. The only difference between the two is that the MB600 is having an ODD drive bay. However, you can get a version without the ODD drive bay too.

The MB600L doesn’t have any mounts for installing fans at the top which in my opinion is very bad. Only MB500 has the support for installing fans at the top and also has proper ventilation.

Now one more advantage of MB500 which I saw is that it has 3 pre-included 120mm RGB fans which are not present in the MB600L. The MB600L can be chosen with RED, BLUE or WHITE LED fans but there isn’t any RGB version available.

And lastly, both of these cases have tempered glass at their side panel as it’s a trend nowadays.

Mastercase Series

Cooler Master Mastercase MC500M

Mastercase MC500P and MC600P and MC500

Sometimes, these cases confuse me because now there are so many similar cases from Cooler Master itself that it’s hard to differentiate between each other. The cases from the top then left to right are MC500M, MC500P, MC600P and MC500. 

The MC500P has been redesigned with a tempered glass panel and there isn’t any other improvement made. But it’s much similar to the MC500 and there is the difference of only the top panel. Except that, the front panel design and the interior are exactly same.

However, the other two cases MC500M and MC600P also look the same from inside as the above mentioned two cases except from the exterior. The only major or you can also say a minor difference which can be seen in the MC500M is the absence of the SSD mounts on the PSU shroud.

As for MC600P, its panels can be opened a little bit for improving the airflow without completely taking them off the case.

All these cases are fully modular and you can change the location of the hard drive bays easily. Except for the MC500P, all the other three cases have proper covering feature at the back for hiding the cables just like the H500P. 


I don’t know what is going on Cooler Master’s mind because almost every case in each series have very minimum differences and one may get confused in all these cases with the cases which are a little bit older. However, some of these cases are interesting with the meshed panels back again on the front because everyone went crazy seeing the H500P with a suffocating front panel which Cooler Master has decided to redesign.

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