New Expansions are coming to Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend in August


Endless Space 2

Amplitude Studios has recently announced that new expansions will be coming to both Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend at the same time and it is scheduled to arrive in the month of August.

The new expansion in Endless Legend is named as “Endless Legend Inferno” where it introduces a new Faction to the game who are known by the name Kapaku who were forced to migrate to a different place leaving their volcanic homeland behind along with a determination of creating a new living place.

The Kapaku are native inhabitants of volcanic terrain and they gain strong unit buffs when they are on volcanic tiles and have productions perks rewarding them for settling on volcanic regions. However, their gameplay mainly focuses on leveraging these perks to provide large armies with quality gear, or teaching quickly into wonders and deeds. But they rely heavily on volcanic terrain and they wield the incredible power of “Lava formation”  which allows them to transform any terrain into Volcanic Tiles permanently.

Here the trailer for this expansion:

On the other hand, we got the new expansion for Endless Space II is being updated with the “Supremacy” expansion where it will introduce the players with the Hissho Major Faction along with a massive galactic platform which will be available to all Factions and is known as the Behemoth Ship. The expansion also contains Four new heroes, a brand new Fleet, ILLO Minor Faction and the Behemoths. Here is the trailer for this expansion:

For more details on Endless Space II: Supremacy make sure to check this link out or for Endless Legend: Inferno visit this link and both of them are available on Steam Store for pre-order.



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