Nintendo Switch amongst the most successful consoles in US history

The gaming industry, as well as hardware industry, is increasing rapidly with more people entering into gaming. A recent report from Forbes showed us that the total hardware sales of 2017 showed an increase of 28% as compared to the year 2016.

And this time it’s not only PC hardware that is been selling more than anything. But actually, the consoles are also selling more than ever. The Nintendo switch has performed really well in just 10 months and has broken records of any console that has been ever launched in US history. It also beat its predecessor, The Wii U from the point it started selling in just 10 months.

Nintendo Switch a total of 14.86 million sales in just 10 months as compared to the Wii U which saw a sale of total 13.56 million units in 5 years. Nintendo announced that it was the fastest selling console in US history as in a report on Rollingstone.

Because of these sales, Nintendo got a profit of around $1.07 billion according to a report of CNBC.

It’s been giving other consoles like PS4 and Xbox One a tight competition. Although, Nintendo was a winner of December 2017 but the best seller of the year still goes to the PS4 which of course has the most attracting titles like The Last of US and Uncharted series. Similarly, Xbox One also saw a rise in sales and both PS4 and Xbox One beat the PS3/Xbox 360 by 18% margin.

Hardware sales of 2017
Source: Forbes


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