Noctis coming to Tekken 7 on March 20. Get ready!

It’s now officially announced that Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV is coming to Tekken 7 on 20th March which is almost a week from now. The character was said to be coming to the Tekken Roster last year and finally, its date has been announced. This character will come in the DLC 3 of Tekken 7 and will join the two other guest characters from other places i.e., Akuma and Geese Howard.

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Of these three characters, Noctis looks unique because the move list is something unique we never saw before. While people were very excited about the Geese when he came out and were saying, “Hey look, he is so powerful!”. But I didn’t like him that much because of his fake accents and looked to me too slow as a Mishima. Noctis, on the other hand, is fast and carries some long blade weapons which are invisible when is not attacking.

He attacks with power and remains in the air for a long time unlike the other characters in Tekken. Despite being skinny his attacks are furious and his combos are so good that I want to try him as soon as he comes to the Roster. In the video, another new map can be seen which I don’t know if it will come with the DLC or not where Noctis beats up Alisa.

Tekken fans like me are very excited about this latest character to be added as I literally play Tekken almost every day.



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