Not only Gamers but Scientists are also facing difficulties because of miners

Radio Telescope
Image Source- pbs.org

This is the most discussed topic from the past month till now in PC hardware industry and I have written dozens of posts on this because new things come up when cryptocurrency is discussed. Among them, this new report from BBC has come where it has been reported that now Scientists and Researchers are frustrated because of not getting graphics cards.

Graphics cards are an important part of Radio telescopes because of the amount of data they have to compute. Only graphics cards can fulfil this need. Dr Werthimer who is the chief scientist at Berkeley Seti Research Center said: “We’ve got the money, we’ve contacted the vendors, and they say, ‘We just don’t have them’,“.

This is exactly what is going on. There are no GPUs present in the market and even if they are present some are concentrating on selling to miners, although with increased prices. But not to forget that without this component the research of extra-terrestrials is hindered and can not go on. Graphics cards can compute complex mathematical puzzles and at Berkeley Seti, they are using 100s of GPUs for crunching DATA.

Professor Aaron Parsons said that “We’re in the process of expanding our telescope – we got a grant from the National Science Foundation here in the United States to do so,“. Graphics cards are used for gathering the data from the Hera’s Telescopes but because of doubling of prices of graphics cards, they aren’t able to afford them. Parsons also said that it could stop them from doing the project in future if it continues to happen.

This is a serious issue and vendors need to make a solution for this. Recently, Nvidia and AMD announced things like Mass GPU production and New architectured graphics cards but it won’t happen overnight and the problem will still take some time. But how much time do these manufacturers require to fulfil the demands of gamers and scientists?


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