Nvidia announces the end of support for 32 bit systems

Nvidia has announced that it will end the support for 32-bit OS after April 2018 and if you are using a 32-bit OS such as 32-bit Windows XP, 7 or 8 etc. then you won’t get the latest updates. Most people around the world I know right now use 64-bit because of its capability, however, there are still some people who like older platforms and run their games on a 32-bit OS.

Be prepared to upgrade if you own a Nvidia graphics card because you won’t get the critical driver updates and bug fixes that help to improve the performance of games. If you don’t game online that might not be an issue for you but for online gamers, this is a serious thing.

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Nvidia has clearly listed ending both the driver and Geforce Experience support for 32-bit systems, however, the optimal settings for games in Geforce Experience will still work for these 32-bit based systems but you won’t get the latest patches. As for the critical security updates for the drivers,  the support will end after January 2019.

Nvidia Geforce Experience patches are very helpful in optimizing the game performance as far as I have observed and not upgrading to an 64-bit OS, you will be missing a lot of opportunities. It’s now time to make up your mind and adjust to the latest trend if you were reluctant about it in the past.



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