Nvidia might be under radar of anti-trust regulators

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Nvidia GTX 2080

It’s been several weeks since the controversy of GPP started to spread among the gamers because of a report from HardOCP that said the major OEMs of graphics cards are going to work solely with Nvidia in the GPP(Geforce partner program). The author brought some solid news and there is no response from Nvidia till now.

This suggests that they might be indulging in this practice which is considered as anti-consumer and will make the big OEMs like MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte etc. go into the hands of Nvidia only which may result in pricing according to their own wish. If the big OEMs who signed up for the GPP do not produce AMD graphics cards, the competition will go down which will result in higher prices which is, of course, is anti-competitive practice.

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MSI, on the other hand, showed some of the indications on Facebook a few weeks ago which indicated that they like Nvidia graphics card because Nvidia GPUs are supposedly far better than AMD GPUs. They got criticism from gamers around the world and people are voting on Wccftech to show that they will boycott Nvidia if they indulge in such practice.

When these reports became known to everyone, there are a few people who complained to the regulatory bodies and according to DigitalTrends Nvidia might come under the eyes of U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the E.U. Commission. There are some reports from Reddit that these regulatory bodies have responded to the call of people and they will take a quick action if this happens. However, no official statement has been recorded from these bodies.

This will put pressure on Nvidia because indulging in something anti-competitive practices will put Nvidia into trouble.



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