Nvidia next Gen GPUs rumours are just rumours

There was so much hype in the past few days when people all around the globe started discussing the new Nvidia graphics cards that are supposed to be the GTX 2000 series are going to come out at the end of this month at GDC, I didn’t find any concrete evidence that they are going to come for sure because Wccftech and TweakTown were just reporting “Rumours” and they are only rumours. You don’t need to get happy about that because that was just an ambiguous report.

While TweakTown got criticized on their page because of the authenticity of the news, Wccftech readers created a huge thread of comments discussing where all this was going. Until the news becomes verified I didn’t consider writing on the rumour. So, finally, now Tomshardware has reported some authentic news from various independent sources.

Although, Tomshardware didn’t reveal those independent sources but as there is a lack of concrete verified news that the graphics cards aren’t coming at the end of this month, it’s better to take it as a “NO”. It’s more likely that Nvidia will reveal the graphics cards later this year but Toms said that they may Tease the new GPUs and not release them this month.

As miners are buying almost every card when they come out, it will be really difficult for Nvidia to just release the new cards without any preparation. Some say that Nvidia is working on making graphics cards specific to gaming so that Gamers can get what they want but we will have to wait to see if this is possible.

As Toms reported that the new cards which are supposed to be based on Turing architecture won’t be in mass production until June this year, this means that they won’t be available until July.


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