Nvidia’s upcoming GPU’s will be a monster of its kind

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Recently many speculations have surfaced regarding the advent of Nvidia’s upcoming GPU  series and most of us have already heard some information about the upcoming GPU thanks to the benefits of the Internet.

Whether its some leaked information or some speculation it is confirmed that we will be seeing the upcoming GPU’s very soon even may be in the coming week or month according to VideoCardz’s recently published article. Not only that the article also covers speculated models of the upcoming series along with a new variant of Nvidia’s top of the line TITAN GPU’s.

According to the rumours, Nvidia will also launch a TI version for their upcoming series though the schedule is not available about its launch. The TI version is supposed to beat the TITAN V and if this is true then it will bring a huge change in the GPU market.

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Nothing is confirmed until we are able to experience the new GPU and if the speculation is true then we will witness 144 FPS in 4k on a single card which if we relate with the 1080ti, the later barely keep up in 60FPS in 4k on some of the games. So if you are willing to change your GPU anytime soon then it will best for you to wait a little longer and get your hands on the upcoming GPU.



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