NZXT is currently working on a Fallout Nuka Cola themed PC Case

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When it comes to themed computer cabinets, one name flashes our mind i.e. NZXT. We have previously spotted many cases from NZXT that are based on gaming theme and the first among them was the NZXT H440 Hyper Beast.

NZXT is now teaming up with game publishers for creating the themed version PC cabinets. And recently they have introduced the H700 Nuka-Cola and it is also officially the second licensed chassis in the new CRFT line-up and the first being the H700 PUBG edition. The case is a limited edition and thus a total of 2000 units will be produced ever. It boasts a custom paint job aimed for Fallout fans and shares a similarity in terms of feature and performance with the original H700.

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The H700 Nuka-Cola come with some custom touches apart from the artwork which includes the NZXT custom designed the I/O port along with a rounded air vent, metallic housing and last but not least red LED’s. The case also comes with customized the cable management bar with a circular air vent and also has an NZXT logo on the PSU shroud coloured in RED.

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Out of these 2000 cases each one comes with a random Vault-tech figure and to make the concept of the theme more appealing, they are offering an all-metal, Nuka-Cola themed cover for its N7 Z370 motherboard and it is targeted for those gamers who want to go for a full Fallout built.

The H700 Nuka-Cola is currently listed with a price tag of $299.99 and if you want to know more details about this case make sure to check this link out.


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