PC gaming upcoming Future looks bright in South Africa

Substantial growth is expected in this part of the world

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Although PC games market demand is relatively going well all around the world, South African PC and hardware market did not have a great time in 2017 and was termed as “slow-moving”. Now, gaming PC is in news for good and showing a great impact on the market.

Customers are showing a “great interest” in Gaming PC and that reflects on the current market demand as highlighted by Lenovo South Africa general manager Thibault Dousson. He also mentioned that expectations are showing a good growth this year looking at the overall scenario.

This has been possible after an observation which saw a trend of consumers buying at entry-level price points and entry-level technology as stated by Dousson. Lenovo gaming platform Legion will launch new products in 2018 to bring in the interest of South African consumers aiming at satisfactory terms.

Dousson, more importantly, has emphasized on the “innovation” factor which could revolutionize PC industry and new technologies to bring the change in developing their products.

He said “The concept of perpetual computing is taking the world by storm, as an idea that enables users to interact with PCs using their natural senses instead of traditional means,”

“For example, computers can now be unlocked with biometrics rather than passwords. With time, the concept will develop further to enhance the way PCs operate.”

We have heard of a phrase “Change is constant”, well this applies to every newly brought up idea and implementing it makes it even more interesting for the consumers.

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Shahnwaz Khan

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