Playing video games is good but don’t take it to extreme

This site is dedicated to PC gamers and as I am myself a gamer I know we all love to play video games. There are a number of benefits that playing games can give you like reduction in stress, feeling of relief and enjoyment. It also helps in solving many complicated problems.

According to a survey conducted in the UK by Dave TV channel on 1000 gamers, they found out that 55 percent of them felt unwind and relieved from stress. 47 percent of them found a positive impact on their lives and 50 percent of them said that gaming helps them to deal with the work pressure.


It’s a lot true if you ask my personal experience that gaming reduces stress when you do work all the day but beware, don’t take gaming to extreme or you will have more problems than its good. Rick Costa who is a Psychologist with a speciality in Clinical Psychology said that People that play video games, it can improve their sustained attention even improve their visual and motor skillsBut with that said anything that you take to the extreme could potentially be not so good“.

He also added that one will start to notice weight loss and poor health if he forgets about his own body and spend time mostly on gaming. He may suffer from kidney problems if he doesn’t go to the bathroom for a long time and sticks to gaming instead. Clearly, it’s a warning from this psychologist and he recommends parents to get in touch and monitor the activities of their children before they get addicted to the gaming.

He also added one statement which clearly shows the reason for addiction. He said that “A clear way to spot a video gaming disorder is when someone says they play the game to escape reality”. As the game immerses the person into the game, playing it a lot and then stopping will result in a bad feeling which the player doesn’t want to have.

But this case only applies to those who play several non-stop hours daily while neglecting healthy routine and their behaviour changes when they are being stopped from doing so. Otherwise, playing it for a moderate amount of time along with doing all the other activities such as playing outside, going to school, study etc. is a healthy practice and not addiction.



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