PUBG Mobile get updated with new features and adjustments

PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0

Recently PUBG Corp. has released a new update for the PUBG Mobile Game and the new mode adds few features from the original version of PUBG which includes War Mode, an achievement system, exclusive skins and many other adjustments.

The PUBG Mobile version offers a similar type of approach in comparison to that of the original version which is available in other platforms like the Xbox One and PC. The control of PUBG Mobile has been tweaked in order to make it playable in mobile devices and it currently has only two maps: Erangel and Miramar and the recent map Sanhok have been added to its PC version only.

The most notable changes that this new update brings to the game is the addition of new game mode: War Mode which instead of normal Battle Royale gameplay offers a different one by letting two teams consisting of 50 players each face each other in a battle where killing an enemy grants three points and killing a downed enemy or reviving a teammate grants one and if you die in the battle you will respawn after a brief interval and the first team to reach 100 points wins.

The latest update also introduces CLANS, Players can either create or join a CLAN and to create one you will need 50k in-game battle points. Joining a CLAN will unlock exclusive rewards by completing certain challenges and each CLAN can be customized with their own icon.

Apart from the new features the update also adds Region categorization, an Achievement System, Exclusive Skins for armour, weapon, outfits, and vehicles, and the addition of a brand new sniper rifle: SLR. For more in detail information about the new update check this link out.


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