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PUBG Update no. 14
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PUBG is pushing really hard to make sure that the game is loved by all as the way it was initially and it also keeps track on the feedback provided by the community and try to implement the necessary updates as per requirement and needs that best suits the players. In their latest patch which was published on their website on 30th May 2018, is making huge changes in the game.

The main features that are being focused in this update are related to Grenades/Molotov’s, M24, and all new addition of the Anti-Cheat system which is currently added to the test servers.


PUBG Update no. 14 grenade
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In the latest patch, the developers are changing a lot concerning the grenades which induce a change in Frag Grenade where the knockback effect has been totally removed which was greatly reducing its potential impact along with a buff in its effective range and damage output.

The next change is related to the Stun Grenades which has always been looked away and to make this more effective and rewarding they have made certain changes which will allow the grenade to affect stunned players’ vision, hearing, and their ability to shoot accurately along with this they have also increased the effective radius and animation of the Grenades.

The last one among this segment is the Molotov which is the least picked frags in the game and thus they have modified the item which has now increased the area of effect, and the newly updated item will allow the fire to spread through the surrounding surfaces and it also comes with certain de-buffs related to players who are affected by it.

Apart from these throwables, the M24 has been nerfed and now instead of coming in care packages this weapon will now be available in the world spawn loot tables and the developers want this as an alternative to the Kar98k. The last notable among this patch is the inclusion of all new Anti-Cheat, which is developed by PUBGCorp itself and is currently live on test-servers which means we will see this on live servers very soon and they are currently taking feedback related to this new system and will update as per necessity.

To get the whole update details please visit their website.


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