PUBG Savage map returns to the closed experimental server

Savage Map

Almost 2 weeks back, PUBG Corp announced a new 4×4 map codenamed: Savage which would be a new addition to the game. The map needed testing and feedback so that everything goes smoothly on live servers.

The Savage map is the shortest map in PUBG with just an area of 4×4 km and its first testing started on April 2 and ended on 5th April in which many participated. There were offerings such as keys and the test now is ready to enter the second test which is the closed experimental servers which will start on Monday, April 16, 6 pm PDT and will end on Wednesday, April 18, 6 pm PDT.

The signup on the websites starts from Sat, April 14, 5 am PDT and ends on Tues, April 17, 5 am PDT. PUBG Corp said that those who have acquired the keys are good to go and those who want keys, they are giving out more with this test.

A new post is about to come on Monday about the latest updates and plans for testing the new map. The Savage is said to undergo several tests for a couple of months more. You can also read the announcement by PUBG Corp which is published on the Steam community here.



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